Expert Foundation Repair Houston, Tx

We’re the go-to crew in Houston for all things foundation. Whether you’re dealing with repairs, thinking about a replacement, or just need some advice, we, The expert for foundation repair Houston have got your back. Our  team is a bunch of seasoned pros who know their stuff when it comes to foundations. You can trust us to give you top-notch service. And hey, investing in your foundation isn’t just a fix – it’s an upgrade that adds serious value to your home!

Basement Waterproofing

No Excavation

With us, you don’t have to worry about digging, tunneling or excavation. Because WE DON’T NEED THEM.  We use expanding polymer for stabilizing, lifting and filling under the under-slab holes.

We Give You Home; Not Nightmare

We’ve come across homeowners who had no clue how they’ve wasted their money. A rookie service provider would damage the landscape, thanks to Jack Hammering.  The structural issues would still be there, not to forget those post-repair settlement problems. 

With us, you leave all the headaches to us. Our team of experts will make sure you get all the updates from the start to the end. After we finish your project, we will cross-check everything with you until you decide IT’S DONE.

We’re Not Cheap; We’re Just Affordable Foundation Repair Houston, Tx area

Tunneling will Break Your Bank. Jack Hammering can make a mess. We use high-density polymer that reaches 90% of its strength and that too in 15 minutes.

Things We Do

Foundation Repair

This is what we’re pretty much good at. Thanks to our 35 years of expertise and enough qualified team members, we’ve got more than 85% of our clients returning to us. Home foundation repair, commercial foundation repair, pressed piling foundation repair, you name it. We’ve got you covered for everything. 

House Raising

We raise houses to make sure you can raise your family safely. Regardless a strong flood elevation, your home will stay a safe haven for a long time.

House Leveling

Sticking doors, crooked floors? That’s the sign your house needs leveling. Make your home good as new with our professional house leveling services. To get the peace of mind, Call Us Today.

How It’s Done

Step 1: The Scoop on Your Home

First things first, we swing by for a casual hangout with your place. Our seasoned foundation detectives (aka the pros) scope out the scene. We eye up those wall cracks and check if your floors are doing a limbo they weren’t invited to. High-tech gadgets, like laser levels and inclinometers, make sure we get the full lowdown on what’s going on.

Step 2: Getting Down and Dirty with the Dirt

Now, we’re no geologists, but we sure know our dirt. A soil analysis helps us figure out if your ground is playing nice or causing mischief. Different soils can be a real drama queen, expanding and contracting, messing with your foundation. Understanding this helps us plan our next move.

Step 3: Crafting a Plan for You

Once we’ve cracked the code, we whip up a customized plan. Think of it like a superhero suit tailored just for your house. Whether it’s pier and beam, helical piers, or concrete pilings – we’ve got the tools and know-how to tackle it.

Step 4: Foundation TLC

This is where the heavy lifting (literally) begins. We pop in those piers or supports strategically, like building an epic game of Jenga but with your home. Once they’re snug as a bug, we work on getting your foundation back to its happy place – level and secure.

Step 5: Sprucing Up the Joint

With the foundation back in the groove, we tidy up. Fill in the holes, patch up any boo-boos, and restore the landscaping as much as we can. Our goal? Leave your place looking fly and feeling stable.

Let’s Talk for a Free Consultancy

You Don’t Need to Hire Us…. If you can solve it yourself, No Problem for us. We offer free consultancy for everyone.